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Secret to living a long and healthy life

2012-08-22 17:16

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Huang Desheng, a 104-year old from a small village in Jiangxi province, wakes up at 6 am and goes to bed at 8 pm every day.

He has kept the habit for many decades. Born in 1908, Huang still looks healthy and vigorous.

His wife, 98-year-old Cheng Yinzhi, is also in good physical condition.

The couple worked on their farm well into old age, only stopping at the request of their family.

Now they live by themselves and do not need help from their children to do their daily housework.

"You have to maintain a good mood. You should learn that when you suffer from loss, you also gain something. Getting along well with other people can help you forget your troubles," Huang Desheng said when asked the secrets of a long and healthy life.

Huang’s family lives in a small village in Leping city in East China’s Jiangxi province. The village population is 700, and over 100 people in the village are over 60 and 43 people are older than 80. The villagers’ long lives have been attributed to environmental conditions, hereditary factors and lifestyle.

Located near a mountain, the village has five ancient wells that provide them with clean water. Also the villagers love working and have peaceful minds, said Yue Haijie, the director of office on aging in Leping city, Jiangxi province.