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Top ten highlights of Jiangxi tourism

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Updated: 2012-03-05

Jiangxi provincial tourism has enjoyed much prosperity in 2011. A number of highlights explain the success.

Tourist visits reached record levels with 160 million visitors and year-on-year growth of 47.8 percent. The growth rate was ranked first nationwide. Total tourism income accounted for 110.6 billion yuan with a 35.15 percent increase.

The brand, "landscape in Jiangxi is beyond compare", was launched. Its commercials, "landscape in Jiangxi is beyond compare", was broadcasted 2,095 times on CCTV and 365 times on Jiangxi Channel.

Infrastructure projects were constructed: CITIC Group Lushan Xihai area, Meiling scenic area, Hanxianyan Ecological Tourism Economic Zone and Zhangshu Yida salt health spa paradise tourist area and other large projects. Tourist infrastructure and support functions were strengthened.

The 2011 China (Jiangxi) Red Tourism Exposition made a tremendous impact. 14 provinces and 16 key 'Red' tour spots participated. Over 200 million people received information through television and Internet.

Rural tourism development was promoted. In 2011, provincial rural tourism had 56.8 million visitors, totaling 35.2 billion yuan of income, which accounted for 35.5 percent of provincial revenues. Numerous development models had sprung up, such as Wuyuan county, Fenghuanggou town in Nanchang city and Chang Fang town in Xinyu city.

Hot springs tourism developed. With 3.9 billion yuan in investments, 25 hot springs projects were completed. 21.32 billion will be invested to build 35 more hot spring projects.

The "top ten Jiangxi cuisines selection activity" event was held. Every Jiangxi province city had been involved. Through public voting and on-site comments, ten famous Jiangxi cuisines were selected, such as steamed fish with flour, a special dish in Xingguo, once a model county in the revolutionary period when Chairman Mao Zedong called it the "Four Stars Surrounding the Moon".

Ten new tourism spots were selected, which include Wugong Mountain in Pingxiang city and Lushan Xihai area.

71 areas launched a "ticket free" month in December. 71 areas, such as Lushan Mountain, Jianggang Mountain and Longhu Mountain participated. 12.61 million tourists visited these locations.

Over 100 tourism festivals were held such as the eleventh CCTV nationwide model contest, the second Jinggang Mountain International Azalea Festival, Longhu Mountain Taoist Culture Tourism Festival. These events brought greater awareness of Jiangxi province at home and abroad.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Rakhee M

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