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Azaleas flourish in winter at Dragon and Tiger Mountain

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Updated: 2012-01-17

Azaleas, commonly flourishing in spring, were in bloom in winter due to unusually high temperatures at Dragon and Tiger Mountain, Danxia region of Jiangxi province.

According to solar calculations, Dec 7 was meant to be the Great Snow Day. However, on the morning of Dec 3, photography fans of Yingtan city were amazed to see fresh red azaleas blossoming among smoke fog at the immortal slope of Dragon and Tiger Mountain.

Xinjiang Basin, where Dragon and Tiger Mountain is located, witnessed major geological evolutions during the Cretaceous period, including volcanic activities in the Early Cretaceous Epoch, gypsum mineral salt deposition and sandstorm accumulation during the Late Cretaceous Epoch, and the dinosaur era. The prominent assembly of eroded residual peaks, needle karsts, and torso mountains represents typical Danxia landform featuring dispersed needle karsts and broad valleys.

The region retains rare low altitude central subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests, important habitats of rare and endangered species. The cliff cavities contain numerous ancient hanging coffins, the cultural landscape birthplace of the Chinese Taoism sect. It is an ideal place for photographers for artistic inspiration.

Edited by Fu Bo and Rakhee

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