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Cole Flower Trip

By LIZXLI ( travelchinaguide.com )

Updated: 2011-12-26

It is said that cole flowers only keep blooming for 4 weeks every year,and then people will cut the plant,while the coleseed will be used for making vegetable oil which is good for health.

Also the vegetable oil is aroung 6 yuan per kilo. We all agree it is cheaper than any other oil in China.

As for wonderful sight found in some websites,we could not find amazing view like that,since we went there on the 4th week (the last time for flower blooming) of the flower season.So what we saw was only a part,the other other part was cut by people.we went there a bit late and missed something perfect.

The local people in Wuyuan are simple and having a quiet life.

During my trip in Wuyuan,we came across a group of kids lined up at the entrance of a village which is a new-developed place of interesting in Jiangxi province and it is the place for popular Chinese TV play Liaozhai(Ghost Stories) to take view.

At the sight of our appearance,they all came up and asked with sunny smiles,"Do you need little tour guide for this spot?"They are simply cute.I like them all indeed. Then you may find that once one of them is hired,the little tour guide will begin reciting an article "Our village has a history..." Visitors seemed to listen to him carefully.

My niece loves imitating the way we say and behave.At night in the hotel,my niece and I watched The American's Next Top Model together.She showed obvious interest which in fact made me happy because I do hope that she may have a dream so as to encourage her to work harder to fulfill her wishes,like being a doctor,lawer or model something. At the end of the programme,I eagerly asked:

“Grace,what do you want to be in the future,doctor,nurse,teacher…etc?”

“Aunty,what about Mum,Dad and you?”she responsed with a puzzled look.

“Your Mum will be a housewife,do some cleaning and cooking.Your Dad will be a businessman,I will be an interpretor…”I replied.She does not know that our future is actually today now.

“Then I want to be a cleaning lady as what Mum has done at home.”She considered and then said proundly.

Oh my God.I was absolutely disappointed.My effort of the whole night was in vain.At least,I thought,she could give an answer of “Model”,since she watched all night and knew it was not easy to be and it was proud to be.

Interesting trip indeed.

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