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Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park

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Updated: 2011-09-30

Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park
Entrance of the Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park

Located in the southeastern part of Ganzhou city, the Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park is 0.8 km from downtown and 2 km from the railway station. It faces Ganxian Hakka Culture Town across a river and covers an area of 92 hectares, including 20 hectares of water area and 53.3 hectares of forest. It is a tourist attraction that is based on Hakka and dragon culture. It is also a leisure, tourism, convention, exhibition, scientific education and youth morality training center. An investment of 130 million yuan has been put into the first phase of a development project. It is a national AAAA-level tourism scenic zone and a key culture enterprise of Ganzhou city.

Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park

It is a tourist attraction that is based on Hakka and dragon culture.

The Longteng Pavilion models itself on ancient styles, featuring lacquered walls, glaze tiles, carved beams, painted rafters, and corridors of root carvings and bizarre stones. A bird's eye view from Longteng Pavilion shows the park comprises of four architectures that imitate Hakka enclosed houses. They are Long’an Enclosed House, modeled on Fujian Yongding Earth Tower; Longju Enclosed House, modeled on Guangdong Meizhou Enclosed House; Longhui Enclosed House, modeled on Jiangxi Yanyi Enclosed House; and Longqing Enclosed House, modeled on Jiangxi Guanxi Enclosed House. 

Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park
The Longteng Pavilion

Long'an Enclosed House was designed under the Eight Diagrams theory of traditional Chinese culture. Occupying a land of 5,000 square meters, the architecture has two rings. The outer building ring is four storeys high, with 48 rooms on each floor. Each diagram contains six rooms on a floor and a staircase to make up a unit. Neighboring diagrams are connected with archways. The architecture has one hall, two courtyards (agreeing with the yin and yang poles of the Eight Diagrams), three gates (the front gate and two side gates, standing for the heaven, earth and man of the Eight Diagrams' theory), and eight units. The diagrams are separated with fire walls. When one diagram catches fire, it will not bring disaster to the whole building. The diagrams are connected with doors. When the doors are shut, the diagrams are independent. When the doors are opened, the diagrams are well communicated. Once thieves enter the building, people would close the diagram doors, trapping the thieves. In 1995, a model of the architecture, along with the model of Temple of Heaven in Beijing, was presented at the World Architecture Expo in Los Angeles. They were hailed as bright pearls of oriental architectures.

Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park
Spring in the Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park

Long'an Enclosed House is joined onto Longhui Enclosed House with a tunnel to constitute a four-star tourism hotel. The hotel has a large multi-function hall that can hold up to 500 people. It has 50 deluxe guestrooms, 10 deluxe private rooms and a large stage.

Longqing Enclosed House is a major hotel of another Hakka folk custom resort. It is a three-star tourism hotel offering leisure, convention and exhibition, and health care services. It has preserved the characteristics of the existing architecture and met modern people's requirements. It has 92 guestrooms, a large meeting room, a multi-function room, and beauty salon, hairdressing, foot massage, business center and commercial center facilities.

Five Dragon Hakka Customs Park

The park comprises of four architectures that imitate Hakka enclosed houses.

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