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Location of Fuzhou within Jiangxi

Fuzhou is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Jiangxi province. It governs 10 counties and one district, with a total area of 18,800 km² and a population of 3,700,000 (2002). It is 90 km to the south of the provincial capital Nanchang.

Physical features: Fuzhou city is surrounded by mountains in the east, south and west; and has hills, rivers, valleys and basins spaced in the central region. Hill and mountain make up the main components of the city's landform. The terrain generally slopes downward from the south to the north.

Fuzhou boasts green hills and clear water. It has 680,000 hectares of natural forest and a forest coverage rate of 61 percent.

Climate: Fuzhou is located in subtropical monsoon climatic zone bearing humid and moderate climate. It has clear four seasons and abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature maintains around 16.9-18.2℃ (62.4-64.8℉). April to June is the rainy season.

Brief history and culture: Fuzhou city was called Linchuan prefecture in ancient times. It was in the Sui Dynasty (581-618) that the name of Fuzhou was first used for the establishment of the prefecture. Diligent local people have shaped “Linchuan Culture” into one of the two pillar cultures in Jiangxi’s history. It has been enjoying the honor of “Cradle to Talents” and is the home (specifically Linchuan) of Wang Anshi, a famous reformist prime minister of the Song Dynasty, Zeng Gong, an influential scholar and historian of the Song Dynasty, and Tang Xianzu, a great Ming Dynasty dramatist.

Fuzhou city is one of the earliest and the most prosperous regions where appears local operas. The Tea-picking Opera is very popular in Fuzhou and the dramatic world. Nuo Dance is regarded as the “living fossil of Chinese ancient dances” and “gem of Linchuan culture”. It is one of the most systematic and complete dances in the world. Calligraphy art is splendid in “Linchuan Culture” as well. For examples, Yan Zhenqing’s script Story of Magu Mountain Immortal Altar was recognized as “China’s first Kai calligraphy”. The famous modern-time calligrapher Shu Tong created the unique Shu-style calligraphy.

There are more than 40 cultural relics units which have been listed into national and provincial history preservation.

Recommended tourist attractions: Fuzhou Catholic Cathedral is seated in the Lingshan Street of Linchuan district. It was built in 1908 and covers a floor area of 2,109 square meters (about 12 acres). This Gothic building group is the third largest Catholic Church extant in China.

Junfeng Mountain lies 30 kilometers (19 miles) away from Nanfeng county, with its main peak being the highest among the peaks in eastern Jiangxi province.

Other scenic spots: Longfeng Rock, Baima Temple, Cuiyun Mountain

Travel Tips: Fuzhou is about 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Nanchang and no more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Nanchang Changbei International Airport. Fuzhou Railway Station is located in Fubei Lu, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from downtown Fuzhou, and Yintan-Xiamen, Zhejiang-Jiangxi railways, and the Xiangle Railway in northern Jiangxi pass through the city.

Additionally, Fuzhou-Shanghai section of the Shanghai-Ruili Expressway has been opened. Only five hours are needed to travel from one to the other by bus. Furthermore, Beijing-Fuzhou and Nanchang-Xiamen expressways, No.320, 316 and 206 national highways all run through Fuzhou. The long-distance bus station is at 306, Huancheng Nan Lu.

When to go: spring, summer and autumn

Special local products: honey orange, white lotus seed, watermelon

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